Suction dredging

We are specialized in the suction dredging, which we use to remove soil from, for example, mining, oil, paper and pulp mill settling basins. We operate all over Finland and in the Nordic countries! 

Exceptionally strong dredging tolerance 


The equipment suitable for demanding applications

The suction dredging is carried out using floating equipment. In addition to the Watermaster multipurpose machines, we also have dredgers with a depth of up to 16 meters; they can be used to clean deep harbor and industrial basins. The machines have measuring devices so that the work can be done as accurately as possible.


Environmentally friendly methods

With the help of geotube and polymer technology, spoiled or excess soil can be treated and dried efficiently and environmentally friendly for possible further use or safe disposal. We have been awarded quality (ISO9001), environmental (ISO14001) and safety (ISO45001) certificates.


Consistent schedules even in larger projects

We always operate within the agreed schedule, safely and in compliance with regulations. We have dedicated personnel in whose professionalism you can trust. We always keep our customers informed about the progress of the project.


Need a partner for a longer period of time?

We also implement contracts with long-term contracts. Call us or contact us using the form, and we’ll discuss the possibilities further!


More than 20 years of experience in the waterway construction 

Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy has been carrying out high-quality renovation projects of waterways and water basins for the forest, oil and mining industry and other private and public clients in Finland, Sweden and Norway. We have more than 20 years of experience in high-quality projects. 

What is suction dredging? 

The suction dredging means removing aqueous waste, sludge or soil from under water by suction and pumping the mass along the pipeline to the ground. With the help of geotube and polymer technology, spoiled or excess soil materials are dried into a form that can be reused or easily disposed of. 

How is dredging carried out?

The suction dredging is carried out according to the customer’s needs and plans. The customer handles the permits for the project and carries out the basic survey. If necessary, we help the customer with planning. The price and schedule of the project are always defined on a case-by-case basis, for example according to the size of the pool and the quantity and quality of the sludge or material to be removed. The customer handles the disposal or reuse of the dried soil. We can also do this on behalf of the client. 

We also carry out dredging of waterways as needed. For example, we have deepened canals, opened overgrown channels and beaches, and dredged harbor areas. The work is done according to the instructions of the Finnish Ely center. 

What kind of areas do we treat?

For example, settling basins for the mining, oil, paper and pulp industries.
– Boat lanes and ports 
 – Cottage and other beaches 

Why is the pool dredging important? 

In industry, the dredging of the settling basin is usually done at the stage when the basin is filling up. The risk is that the concentrations of harmful substances increase in the drained water, and they end up in the environment along with the discharge water. With the help of dredging, solids are removed from the water, the water is purified, and more settling space is provided in the pool. 

Our customers’ experiences

Vesirakennus Ojanen has proven to be a most qualified and cooperative contractor. I can warmly recommend the company to anybody in need of their type of services!

Johan Nordback, Project Manager, Structor AB

Many contractors voiced their opinion that the dredging tolerances were too strict. The people at Ojanen, on the other hand, assured us they could fulfil these requirements in their bid that went on to win the tender. They kept their word, and the quality of the outcome surpassed our expectations so much that we paid the company the bonuses mentioned in the contract.

Johan Nordback, Project Manager,Structor AB

When choosing a contractor, Vesirakennus Ojanen’s numerous good references convinced us. The choice turned out to be the right one: Ojanen realized the project with high quality and within the agreed budget.

Peik Ellingsen, Chairman of the Christiania Rowing Club

The originally pitch-black water became stream-clear as a result of the purification process. In addition to everything, the sludge pumped into the geotubes was dried so efficiently that it could be safely and cheaply disposed of in a landfill.

Tero Toivanen, director of the technical center of the city of Joensuu

In time, a need for dredging was found in the area, and Ojanen was chosen as the dredging contractor. After the initial stages, geotube sacks were introduced in the contracts to spread the sludge. The cooperation has gone smoothly and well all along.

Miikka Jäntti, group manager of Neste Corporation

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