Membrane welding

We carry out foil welding for the needs of industry, municipalities and cities, as well as private customers. We serve our customers flexibly all over Finland.

A flexible partner for foil welding 


Flexible all over Finland

We serve our customers all over Finland and in Sweden and Norway. Whether it’s a membrane welding project for a private person’s swimming pool or, for example, a mine or a landfill, we carry out all the work with the same quality.


Regarding the environment

We have been working on the restoration of water bodies and water basins for a long time. All our services are strongly connected to maintaining the well-being of the environment and building and managing infrastructure.


Solutions developed for our own needs

Our membrane welding service started out of our own needs. We dredge industrial settling basins; in which case we process sludge containing harmful substances. The sludge is directed along the pipeline to the land in sacks. Underneath the sacks will be precisely welded together plastic films, so that no harmful substances can be released from the sludge into the soil.

Need a partner for a longer period of time?

We also implement contracts with long-term contracts. Call us or contact us using the form, and we’ll discuss the possibilities further!

Quality service for over 20 years 

Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy has long experience in suction dredging and related sludge treatment, where membrane welding plays a key role. We offer high-quality and durable membrane welding with a flexible and professional approach. We guarantee always keeping the schedules, great customer service and we do what is agreed. 

What is film welding? 

The film welding is a process in which two or more plastic films or film materials are joined by heating and pressing them together. This welding technique produces a durable and tight joint. 
The function of the membrane is to protect the soil from harmful substances. For example, membranes welded together at a landfill can be used to prevent landfill leaks and control environmental impacts. Plastic films can also be used as cover material. 

Where is foil welding needed? 

– Landfills 
– Water reservoirs 
– Water construction projects 
– Sewage basins 
– Pool structures 
– Mining 

How will the project be implemented? 

Membrane welding is always carried out on site. We transport the plastic films in rolls to the destination and weld them firmly together. The method can also be used to repair damaged membranes or expand the area that is to be protected. 

Our customers’ experiences

Vesirakennus Ojanen has proven to be a most qualified and cooperative contractor. I can warmly recommend the company to anybody in need of their type of services!

Johan Nordback, Project Manager, Structor AB

Many contractors voiced their opinion that the dredging tolerances were too strict. The people at Ojanen, on the other hand, assured us they could fulfil these requirements in their bid that went on to win the tender. They kept their word, and the quality of the outcome surpassed our expectations so much that we paid the company the bonuses mentioned in the contract.

Johan Nordback, Project Manager,Structor AB

When choosing a contractor, Vesirakennus Ojanen’s numerous good references convinced us. The choice turned out to be the right one: Ojanen realized the project with high quality and within the agreed budget.

Peik Ellingsen, Chairman of the Christiania Rowing Club

The originally pitch-black water became stream-clear as a result of the purification process. In addition to everything, the sludge pumped into the geotubes was dried so efficiently that it could be safely and cheaply disposed of in a landfill.

Tero Toivanen, director of the technical center of the city of Joensuu

In time, a need for dredging was found in the area, and Ojanen was chosen as the dredging contractor. After the initial stages, geotube sacks were introduced in the contracts to spread the sludge. The cooperation has gone smoothly and well all along.

Miikka Jäntti, group manager of Neste Corporation

Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities further!

We operate from Punkalaidun to all over Finland, Sweden and Norway, for example. You can also get comprehensive land construction and transport services from us. Contact us if you are looking for an efficient and reliable partner for your water construction project! 

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