Hudiksvall dock is clearing up

Runsaan 30 kilometrin päässä Oslosta sijaitseva Bogstadvannet on Norjan tärkeimpiä kilpasoutupaikkoja

Hudiksvall port in the province of Norrland, Sweden, was founded by King Gustaf in the 1500s. Hudiksvall sawmill industry and lumber exports date back to the 1700s. Due to long-term sawmill activity, the bottom sediments of the dock contained heavy metals, wood preservatives and even whole logs, all of which needed to be removed in a controlled manner to enable construction later on. Ordinary dredging was out of the question for fear of the dioxin, furane and heavy metals in the bottom sediments becoming loose and escaping into the water, which would create an environmental hazard. No stone was left unturned in the search for a functioning solution, and for a long time, it looked like there were none that would fulfil the exacting requirements of the emptor.

Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy was chosen as the cleaning contractor because it had references of earlier environmental dredging projects that were carried out with quality and cost efficiency, especially employing suction dredging and geotube technology. The Hudiksvall dock bottom cleaning was, however, a particularly demanding project, because the dredging tolerances were very strict. Also, the dredging had to take place in between jetty piles with the help of divers, which made the task even more challenging.

Many contractors voiced their opinion that the dredging tolerances were too strict. The people at Ojanen, on the other hand, assured us they could fulfil these requirements in their bid that went on to win the tender. They kept their word, and the quality of the outcome surpassed our expectations so much that we paid the company the bonuses mentioned in the contract.

Johan Nordback, Project Manager, Structor AB

The good outcome was possible thanks to how Vesirakennus Ojanen has actively improved its know-how and hardware to serve in demanding projects such as this one. As a result of its development efforts, the company has excellent polymer dispensers and measuring equipment hooked up to 3D-modeling. All this combined with geotube technology provides an outcome the emptor is happy with.

Vesirakennus Ojanen has proven to be a most qualified and cooperative contractor. I can warmly recommend the company to anybody in need of their type of services!

Johan Nordback, Project Manager, Structor AB

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