Norway lake favored by top rowers clear again

A good 30 kilometers from Oslo, Bogstadvannet is among Norway’s most important crew practice sites.

Lake Bogstad in the vicinity of Oslo has been a great favorite among active recreational rowers and crew alike for years. The lake, although ideal in location and size, is not perfect for rowing, as it is too shallow some places. In bottom probes making use of environmental technology it was discovered that the bottom of the lake was soft clay that could only be removed using special dredging and cleansing technology. The emptor found a suitable contractor in Finland: Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy. The company had developed its suction dredging hardware especially for cases like this, and specialized in geotube technology needed for drying and cleaning the bottom sediment as well.

When choosing the contractor, the numerous positive references for Vesirakennus Ojanen convinced us. Our choice proved to be the right one: Ojanen completed the job with quality and within the budget agreed upon

Peik Ellingsen, chair of Christiania Roklub

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